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ID: lolita secrets by Hikaru-Jan ID: lolita secrets :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 49 42 2010 Cosplay Previews by Hikaru-Jan 2010 Cosplay Previews :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 6 31
Natasha and Yelena by Hikaru-Jan Natasha and Yelena :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 40 13 Non Non: Pink and Black by Hikaru-Jan Non Non: Pink and Black :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 34 20 Liliana Hinazuki by Hikaru-Jan Liliana Hinazuki :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 42 16 MC Nozuato by Hikaru-Jan MC Nozuato :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 66 22 Sera-chan triplets by Hikaru-Jan Sera-chan triplets :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 56 15 Red Riding Hood by Hikaru-Jan Red Riding Hood :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 183 34 Captain Jack Sparrow by Hikaru-Jan Captain Jack Sparrow :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 16 15 Assassin Noel by Hikaru-Jan Assassin Noel :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 64 15 Reina Soho by Hikaru-Jan Reina Soho :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 36 16 Needa Schuetlitch by Hikaru-Jan Needa Schuetlitch :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 27 15 Miku Hatsune by Hikaru-Jan Miku Hatsune :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 102 27 Shouko-san by Hikaru-Jan Shouko-san :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 56 18 Konata Izumi Figma by Hikaru-Jan Konata Izumi Figma :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 179 34 Teruko Wig by Hikaru-Jan Teruko Wig :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 10 23 Kos-Mos by Hikaru-Jan Kos-Mos :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 59 62 DOAX Kasumi by Hikaru-Jan DOAX Kasumi :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 485 219 Teru Usagi Plushie by Hikaru-Jan Teru Usagi Plushie :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 14 16 Bad Girl by Hikaru-Jan Bad Girl :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 40 22 kasumi collage by Hikaru-Jan kasumi collage :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 61 20 Warrior Yuna collage by Hikaru-Jan Warrior Yuna collage :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 29 16 Unlimited Banana Works by Hikaru-Jan Unlimited Banana Works :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 4 10 Yoruichi prog. collage by Hikaru-Jan Yoruichi prog. collage :iconhikaru-jan:Hikaru-Jan 1 3


AlexFreeSpirit Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome gallery, great work :)
shinjiasuka4ever Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Epic gallery and cosplays!
ChrisR1982Edin Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful girl and amazing costumes! :)
Sage3k Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011
Amazing shots, and your Costumes are pretty amazing! ::love::
LAvenus79 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool gallery!!! do you make your own costumes?
geohound69 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011
your fucking awesome I'm in love with you lol just playing but you are super awesome mega hot
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